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lucky and his mom daisy @ sasha farm animal sanctuary.

daisy was rescued, pregnant, and lucky showed up soon after. unfortunately, daisy hadn’t been healthy, and wasn’t able to nurse lucky, so his first week or two was pretty rough. but, after a few days at the vet, he’s doing much better, thanks to the staff and volunteers at sasha - he needs a lot of milk, four times a day. more about them here…

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Winter Dawn At Bow Cemetery by Duncan George

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Body comparative

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by Vincent Farone.

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asylum-art: Fanny Alloing - Plaster and Gauze Body Sculptures

Using materials such as plastered strips, silk and paper, French artist Fanny Alloing creates these beautiful body sculptures. Fanny started experimenting with moldings when she lost her beloved aunt, which caused her to think deadly about death and capturing emotion.

See more of Fanny’s sculpture at her website or Behance.


asylum-art: Sculptures by Emil Alzamora

Peruvian sculptor Emil Alzamora enjoys exaggerating and distorting the human form in the name of his beautiful and unique creations.  His eye catching works serve as manifestations of the pleasure and pain of the human experience, and often display unusually exaggerated limbs and contorted flesh, in order to communicate psychic trauma.

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