Mini Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Muffins / Recipe

 Death and the Maiden by Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl, Hungarian, 1860-1933. Hirschl was known for his historical and mythological painting.

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West coasts is best coast.

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Autumn colors by depechegurl

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100% annoyed with my bangs.


Straight Pride Parade

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These white jade eyelets from the lovely hands at diablo organics have a mirror polish and man do these babies look clean. Stop on into Hard Luck Body Worx and pick them up before they disappear! 

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White Man from San Diego Waves Gun Around Small Children In Confrontation With Police and Is Taken Into Custody Alive.  

This white man walked towards the police with a gun pointed at them and they spend half an hour talking to him before they shoot him one time. If he had been a black man, they would’ve shot him dead. Before you police apologists claim this man has a history of mental illness (he does) that’s why the police was lenient,  Ezell Ford, a mentally ill black man, was recently killed by the LAPD. 


Haha like. … what. …

This is. .. this is it. This is what we talk about.

This is white privilege

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when u aint have ur phone for a long time and expect to come back to come back to hella notifications but remember u lame


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I really need more friends

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untitled by Luminous☆West on Flickr.

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It’s so funny that veganism is literally getting so big, no matter what store you go to and no matter how small your town is, vegan products/places/options are appearing more and more and I just think it’s so funny because I mean I’m “not making a difference”

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